Monday, August 13, 2012

Courtyard Grill, New Orleans

We were doing one of our 'constitutional' walks at Magazine St., New Orleans when we chanced upon Courtyard Grill.  We saw pictures of delicious food and we peered inside their kitchen's glass windows.  We saw their cooks grilling, cooking and all the while smiling and chatting with each other.  Those are a happy bunch!  Hubby said that it's a good thing when the cooks are in a happy mood as the food would surely be cooked with care and consideration.  I say the management must be good as the employees are happy. 

Then next day, we stopped by for lunch.  We ordered Adana chicken wrap,  beef gyro sandwich and french fries.  We were not all disappointed, that's an understament.  The food is simply delicious, authentic Mediterranean.  Their Greek white sauce (home-made yoghurt with mint)  is fresh and lightly creamy.  The Adana chicken wrap, which is ground chicken blended with red pepper, onion and parsley is so yummy. It's served on a wrap and served with tomatoes, yoghurt and rice.  It is just what I expected with their spices, and with sprinkling of  sweet onions, purple cabbage and lettuce too.

The beef gyro is superb.   The beef,   slowly cooked on a vertical rotisserie served with lettuce, tomato and onio.  It's  wrapped in Lavosh with  Greek white sauce on the side.   The beef is tender and tasty and the Lavosh wrap is fresh and heated to a lovely and crispy crust.

Definitely thums up for Courtyard Grill.  See theirfull menu here.

We're the happy diners:

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