Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrity Lookalikes, Part 1

We were in our favorite bar one night when I heard Anne telling Olive that she looks like a movie star,whose  name  escaped her at the time.  I looked at Olive and mentally looked for the images in the folders inside my head.  Hmmmmmnnnn, esep esep.......

Later, Anne remembered,  "the name is Alicia Mayer!". 

I looked at Olive in a different light (hindi na flourescent, spotlight na in my mind).  Oh yeah, "you're right", I agreed with Anne. 

I would have liked to post here the pictures comparing them but I have to look for for more pictures of Alicia Mayer.  So, expect Celebrity Lookalikes 2 in this blog, alright?

For now, let's compare some celebrities and their lookalikes:

Here's our local Pokwang and Lucy Liu.  In ferness, those who have seen Pokwang swear she's prettier in person and isn't she sexy too? 

Later that night at the bar, I told Anne, she has a movie star lookalike too,  Andrea del Rosario.  I thought of posting their pictures here too, but I still have to comple the their pictures, so expect Celebrities Lookalikes no. 3, alright?

Here's another friend with a celebrity lookalike, Emy and Carlene Aguilar -  do you agree? 

How about you, who is your celebrity lookalike, or do you have a friend who has a celebrity lookalike?  Email me, or send me a message in FB.

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