Saturday, March 13, 2010

Celebrity Lookalikes, Part 2

This is getting to be fun.  Friends whispered another friend's lookalike, the husband's lookalike, the boyfriend's lookalike.

Let's start first with Ann, the one who started this discussion (see Celebrity Lookalike, Part 1)  Here's Ann's celebrity lookalike:

Do you agree that Andrea Del Rosario is Ann's lookalike?

Here's Olive,  the original topic of  lookalike discussion :)

Do you agree with Ann that Olive looks like Alicia Mayer?

Here's another friend, Shiela Marie:

Some say that she looks like Christine Reyes.  I say that Iza Calzado is closer.  Don't you agree?

Lastly for now, here's another friend, Marie.  I can't find a local movie star for Marie's lookalike, I find Natalie Portman close, though. :

How about you, who's your celebrity lookalike?  I wonder who's mine.....

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