Monday, March 29, 2010

Celebrity Lookalikes, Part 3 ( Ka Facemuks?)

As promised, here are more celebrity lookalikes:

My pretty friend, Maricel looks like my pretty Hollywood idol, Charlize Theron, don't you agree?  Both have pretty faces, sexy bods.  They gain and lose weight at will, grabe.

Wonder woman Lynda Carter is the lookalike of my sweet friend, May, o di ba?  Look at their sweet smiles and beautiful eyes.

I have several lookalike fantasies, like Gloria Diaz, Marilou Diaz Abaya (di ba say mo yan Maritz)  and Joyce Jimenez ( o di ba, Monissima and Rina, you told me so), but this actress turned director is my favorite lookalike.  I didn' t know her until my  Dutch photography client showed me a magazine with this actress on the cover.  My client asked  me if I have a twin in China.   Even our hairstyles jibe although I have not seen many of her pictures until recently,  She is Joan Chen, born Chinese, former Hollywood actress,  now  sought after Hollywood director.  Any violent reaction? 

And the last for now, look at Ed's lookalike - Richard Gere.  Tama ba,  Monissima?  If you noticed,  us girls in the above pics have Filipina noses and our celebrity lookalikes have Caucasian noses.  In Ed's case, his nose is more patrician than Richard Gere's.  Panalo!

And how about you? Tell me your celebrity lookalike! 


  1. My look a like is Kaye Abad or Mylene Dizon hehehe Nice blogs and pictures! :)

  2. Thanks, Electra. Enjoyed your blogs too, esp.


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