Monday, February 22, 2010

Last Breakfast in Bangkok

On our last day in Bangkok, the hubby ate this for breakfast - Club sandwich, topped with French fries.  We were lucky that in the hotel where we stayed, Aiya Residence and Sports Club,  they also  have a very good restaurant, A1 Smile Restaurant.  Their food is always excellent, whether it's Thai food or American food.  We had our fill of delicious Thai food for more than a week and in our last meal in Bangkok, the hubby opted for the familiar - club sandwich.  It was very good too. 
To me, Phad Thai is my comfort food.  I know how to cook it.  Phad Thai has many versions as there are many restaurants.  Whatever the Phad Thai version of cooking is, some ingredients can't be changed like flat noodles, bean sprouts (in this version, the bean sprouts is fresh), ground peanuts.  Some would use ketchup, this version did not. Eggs are always present too.  Just like Spaghetti Carbonara, some use eggs, some don''t....but's that's another blog entry :))
The day before, I bought from a street vendor  sour fruit in skewer.  I was feeling adventurous and I bought that small fruit above.  It's about 1 inch in diameter, with seed taken out, sliced in two, sour like batwan if you know that fruit,A which  is also sour, found in south of the Philippines.  Anyway, in Bangkok, this sour fruit in skewer  is eaten with chopped small chili peppers and sugar and salt.    Yummy.  The hubby likes it for an aperitif for something.  I ate it while drinking draft beer :)

One of the  things  I like in Thailand is  - food.  they know how to use spices there, they know how to make the food hot and spicy :))  Very flavorful, herby and spicy.  I love the food! 

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